U19 Women’s and U15 Girls’ Regional Championships – Day 5 wrap

U19 Women’s and U15 Girls’ Regional Championships – Day 5 wrap

Day 5 started with another perfect day at Redlands. The day was also perfect for NSW who played 3 games for 3 wins against, ACT, Tasmania and Victoria, conceding no runs while scoring 24 of their own. Queensland was equally as strong across their three games, firstly against the ACT winning 9-1, then too strong for SA winning 7-0. Queensland’s final game saw them continued to dominate winning 10-0 over WA.  Victoria and SA had an expectedly close battle, Victoria took out the win 2-1. WA was the other winner from the day, getting the points over Tasmania winning 8-1. Tomorrow will see the last of the round games and the start of the playoff rounds.

Outstanding performances for the day included Dorinda Stone (Qld) 4 hits and 3 RBs in their match against SA. Natasha Young (NSW) was very productive for her 2 at bats against Victoria, bringing in a game high 6 RBI. Gabby Plain (NSW) pitching has not let up, and teams are continually struggling to score with her at the plate, this time Victoria striking out 9 times and scoring no runs from 5 innings.

Game 31
NSW dftd ACT 8-0
Game 35
WA dftd Tasmania 8-1
Game 32
NSW dftd Tasmania 7-0
Game 36
NSW dftd Victoria 9-0
Game 33
Queensland dftd ACT 9-1
Game 37
Queensland dfd SA 7-0
Game 34
Victoria dftd SA 2-1
Game 38
Queensland dftd WA 10-0


U15 Regional Championship

Day 5 and the final day of the round robin, started with Queensland Flames having a win over WA 4-3. Queensland flame went on to win their second game of the day over NSW Country Gold 12-2. Ladder leaders NSW Metro Orange remained strong today having a win over SA 4-2. NSW Metro Green won their game today over ACT 9-0 with some extremely strong hitting. Queensland Fire fought back today after a tough day yesterday winning their game 9-2 over SA Red. SA Blue proved too strong for NSW Country Gold winning 10-0. Victoria also had a win today playing extremely strong gaining a 10-5 victory over SA Red. In the final match of the day ACT had 9-7 win over the Vic’s. Day 6 and the playoffs begin!

Game 38
Victoria winning 9-7
Game 43
Victoria dftd South Austrlaia Red 10-5
Game 39
Queensland Flames dftd WA 4-3
Game 44
Queensland Flame dftd NSW CG 12-2
Game 40
NSW MO dftd ACT 9-0
 Game 45
ACT dftd Victoria 9-7
Game 41
Queensland Fire dftd SA Red 9-2



Game 42
SA Blue dftd NSW CG 10-0