Top two face off in the Open Men’s semi-final

Top two face off in the Open Men’s semi-final

At the conclusion of the round robin of the Open Men’s Championship, the Qld Patriots did all they could to attempt to take fourth spot, winning 12-3 over rivals NSW. Relying on results in Game 29 (WA v Vic) to see their finals hopes stay alive, the Vics weren’t able to put the runs on to make that happen giving up third spot in their loss to WA. The final game saw event hosts play their last game out in good fashion and end an historic week for South Australian men’s softball with their third win of the tournament.


Game 31 – Semi Final

The two form teams of the competition faced off in the first semi-final and brought plenty of excitement to the diamond. The Bluebloods scored in the second innings with a bomb from Ryan Tranter for an early lead before ACT manufactured 3 runs to take the lead. Cause for concern as the runs came through for the 89ers mid-play when a collision in the field saw Joel Wards (NSW) having to leave the diamond. Winters and Jager crossing the plate for ACT was enough to hold on to victory with Kirkpatrick solid from the plate.


Game 32 – Elimination Final

The Vics and the Western Blaze had the evening game for their 3 v 4 playoff as NSW sat back to find out their semi-final opponent for the following day. As he has done for much of the week, Joel Goodall (Vic) stepped up to the task and pitched another great game with 7 SOs as the game ended 7-0 in the 5th. Another 3-run dinger to Pat Brackley (Vic) saw an end to the game – advancing the Victorians and ending WA’s run.


Other strong individual performances

  • Marshall Kronk (Qld) added 4 RBI from his two at bats in Game 28 against NSW to end a fantastic individual effort from him for the week
  • WA’s Jay Rakich went one better than Kronk, knocking in 5 in his last round robin game including a double and a homer.

Game 28: Qld 12 dftd NSW 3
Game 29: WA 9 dftd Vic 2
Game 30: SA 4 dftd ACT 3
Game 31 (Semi Final): ACT 3 dftd NSW 2
Game 32 (Elimination Final): WA 0 dftd by Vic 7

Will Joel Goodall and Lewis Weldon stay strong for the Vics and make it through to the final or will the awesome batting of the likes of Todhunter, Tranter and Mathews be too strong?

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