Three associations recognised as the best managed softball associations in Australia

Three associations recognised as the best managed softball associations in Australia

Softball Australia congratulates the Cumberland Nepean Softball Association (NSW), Newcastle District Softball Association (NSW) and Rockingham City and Districts Softball Association (WA) for becoming the first three associations to achieve the ultimate recognition of Homeplate status through Softball Australia’s Homeplate Ladder Program. These associations have demonstrated best practice governance, planning, implemented successful strategies that have resulted in substantial membership growth, and delivered national participation programs such as Sporting Schools, Softball Batter Up and Social 7s with great success.

Homeplate Ladder, Softball Australia’s best practice governance recognition program, was launched in July 2016 to recognise affiliates for the successful management and implementation of best practice governance. Affiliates that meet specific requirements and obtain 81 points or more are recognised with achieving Homeplate status.

Group shotTo date, the national ladder sees Cumberland Nepean Softball Association and Newcastle District Softball Association sharing top spot with 100 points and Rockingham City and District Softball Association second with 95 points. With 11 associations at Going for Home status (51-80 points) and 25 associations at On Base status (30-50 points), it won’t be long before they achieve the ultimate recognition of Homeplate status.

Associations still have time to achieve Homeplate status, with points still available for completing a National affiliation standards checklist, meeting each National affiliation standard, developing and implementing an action plan, delivering a National participation program, completing a Club Health Check and registering to the Homeplate website by 30 June 2017. Points are also still available for achieving membership growth of 5% or more and member retention of 80% or greater. A progressive ladder will be published in the April edition of Homeplate News with the Final Ladder published in the August edition.

If you would like to know where your Association currently stands, contact the Association Coordinator in your state or email

Currently only available to associations, clubs will also have the opportunity to participate in the program from August 2017.