The Giants create a big sound with #BackonBase Project a huge success

The Giants create a big sound with #BackonBase Project a huge success

The Giants Softball Club, affiliated with Gawler and Districts Softball Association based in South Australia, was one of 98 clubs awarded funding through Softball Australia’s #BackonBase Grants campaign for recruitment and retention initiatives.

Their initiative, ‘A Giant Development’ created a buzz in the town of Gawler, resulting in 28 new members.

“Most of our program was focused on marketing, the most successful marketing tool we pursued was a promotional video with the help of local resident, videographer and filmmaker, Ethan White of Ethan White Productions,” said Club President, Courtney Dittmar.

The short clip enabled the Club to reach a target audience of over 5,500 Facebook users within a 10 kilometre radius of Gawler.

Not only did it help raise the profile of the Giants as a Club, it also helped the Gawler Softball Association build their member base as well as promote the sport of softball as a whole.

“This video has been made with the intent to use it in years to come with no specific time stamp, this means next season it will be re-distributed for recruitment purposes again for the Gawler area and to coincide with the visitors to the Gawler Show.”

By working with Blue Tongue Advertising and their digital advertising assets located in the food court of Munno Para Shopping City, the Giants showcased their promotional material over two weeks during the Christmas and New Year period, and will again be re-target through the centre to coincide with the 20/21 Come and Try and pre-season training with the intent to recruit new members.

“Our Come and Try Day was the second area we focused on as well as our pre-season training and of course our big celebratory event, hosting the Family Fun Day,” added Dittmar.

“The Family Fun Day was to mark the end of pre-season and the beginning of the season.

“One of our big goals was to welcome new faces to our Club, and to have them sign up to become members.

We successfully united existing members and new members by sharing food and games designed for all ages and abilities, this tied in with our Club motto of being a ‘Family Friendly Club’.

“By holding the Family Fun Day it ensured that new members were included and felt welcomed and without this the social aspect would be limited particularly during this time of COVID-19.”

Survey results showed the following results from each recruitment initiative:

  • Word of mouth: 2 new members
  • Facebook: 23 new members (22 new Players and 1 Scorer)
  • Giants Website: 1 new member
  • Family Fun Day: 2 new members (Coaches)

In addition, these initiatives also helped achieve a 100% retention of members from the previous season.

“We also learned social media is definitely a tool that needs to be capitalised on when it comes to recruiting and marketing.

“The Facebook Business Manager results showed us that our promotional video not only travelled to five Australian States and Territories but it even reached overseas.”

View the Giants promotional video here.