What is Sporting Schools?

About Sporting Schools


Sporting Schools is a $100 million Australian Government initiative designed to help schools to increase children’s participation in sport, and to connect children with community sport.

In partnership with more than 30 National Sporting Organisations (NSO), Sporting Schools will help to coordinate sporting organisations, coaches, and teachers to deliver sport before, during and after school hours. The programs are underpinned by the quality assurance provided by the NSOs, and the programs are free to families.

Sporting Schools aims to:

  • Connect 860,000 children with NSO endorsed sporting opportunities
  • Increase children’s participation in sport
  • Nurture children’s lifelong love of sport

Why Sporting Schools?

  • Growth in junior participation for both boys and girls
  • Community engagement with local associations
  • School yard to softball sports star pathways
  • Education and development for teachers, parents, and community members

Softball Australia Endorsed Model – SOFTBALL BATTER UP

Softball Australia endorses and offers the Softball Batter Up (SBU) program through Sporting Schools. SBU has been developed in line with the Long Term Athlete Development Model, to introduce participants to the fundamental skills of softball through a variety of activities and games designed to develop physical fitness, social skills and an understanding of the game.

A major feature of SBU is the excellent resources, which incorporate the Australian Sports Commission’s Play for Life activities. All games, drills, and skills must align with the Activity Cards developed specifically for the program to align with the national physical education curriculum.

For more information about SBU, visit the website: http://www.softballbatterup.com.au/