Funding eligibility

All public and private primary, combined, and special needs education institutions that have grades Prep/Kindergarten – Grade 6 as part of their class allocation, are eligible to apply for the Sporting Schools funding grant for a maximum of 3 school terms per calendar year.

Schools can receive funding of $1,300 – $3,100 per term based on:

  • The school population
  • An additional amount as an incentive to attract a strong participation rate
  • Flexibility to ensure the schools facing higher costs due to special circumstances (such as regional and remote school) are not disadvantaged

Click here to view the ASC’s Fact Sheets on how allocated funding can, and cannot be spent.

How do I apply for Sporting Schools Funding?

Schools will need to register their institution for the sporting Schools program through the ASC website: Register my school.

Once your registration has been processed you will be able to apply for the Sporting Schools Funding Grant. For more information visit: How to apply for Sporting Schools funding.

Program requirements
  • Schools must be a primary, special, or combined school (Prep/Kindergarten – Grade 6)
  • Schools must have applied, and been confirmed for funding for the requested school term
  • Coaches that conduct sessions must be endorsed by Softball Australia
  • A teacher must supervise all sessions. They are not required to participate, however this is highly recommended for costing purposes and teacher development
  • All funding must be accounted for, and used within the guidelines
  • Between 10-24 students per group
  • One endorsed coach per group
  • For the requested school term (per group):
    • One teacher to supervise the session
    • A minimum of four sessions to be conducted
  • All sessions must be conducted in line with the Softball Batter Up endorsed program

Teachers play an important role in the delivery of the SBU program, ensuring participants have an enjoyable and safe experience, while at the same time supporting them to learn the fundamentals of the game. Your leadership, philosophy and actions will guide young athletes to develop a sense of fairness, sportsmanship and respect.

Local clubs and associations are available to offer support and direct assistance to schools interested in conducting the program.

If you are a teacher currently working at a school, you can deliver the Sporting Schools Program exclusively to your school by meeting the following requirements (Click on Teacher tab). Once you are endorsed by Softball Australia, you will receive a certificate of endorsement.

Sporting Schools Program Initial Request Confirm your Program
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ASC acquittal and reporting

Acquitting and reporting is the ASC’s assurance that schools used allocated funding in accordance with the terms and conditions and program parameters. Every school that receive funding must complete the ASC acquittal and reporting processes for each funded term.

Acquittals must be completed online through your school’s profile as each acquittal is pre-populated with details related to funding received:

Regional and remote communities

I am in a regional / remote community. How do I find coaches to deliver programs in our school?

School teachers in areas where registered coaches are limited or unavailable are encouraged to register as coaches in order to deliver sessions internally. Only endorsed coaches and/or teachers can deliver a Sporting Schools program.

For more information on how to become an endorsed coach visit the Softball Australia Sporting Schools Coaching Endorsement website.

External Program

If you would like to conduct an external program Softball Australia encourages providers to conduct a ‘Full Day Program’ to each group of students participating. This allows for a coach to come to your school and conduct a minimum 4 session program in a single day to help alleviate costs due to location. Schools will need to keep in mind that this option will have costs involved to deliver the sessions.

Face-to face training

Softball Australia is interested in conducting a Gala Day with multiple schools/classes involved with Teacher PD as part of this ‘package’.

If you are interested in any of these options or would like to know more, contact Softball Australia’s Sporting Schools Coordinator for more information.