Packages & Equipments

Packages & Equipment

The ASC has recently updated their funding application and program request processes. Information regarding Packages, equipment, as well as information on how to book packages currently available see below.

Booking System – How to …

Booking System

How to: For Schools

  • Each class/group must be entered as a separate booking in the ASC booking system
  • It is not compulsory to purchase equipment however this is highly recommended for further participation and development of students. If you intend to purchase equipment state in the ‘Additional Information‘ when placing a booking that you do require equipment
  • A coach has already been sourced for the program
    • Specify the coach delivering your program
    • If your coach is not endorsed to deliver the program, Softball Australia will communicate with the schools and/or coach the process to be completed
  • A minimum of 4-8 sessions must be submitted in your booking
    • Any additional sessions are to be placed in the additional information with day, date, and time specified over the maximum 8 sessions provided in the booking system
    • If necessary, this can be amended by the coaching provider or the NSO at a later date
  • Equipment Requirements / Orders
    • If you do not require equipment, please confirm in your ‘additional comments’
    • If you intend to purchase equipment, you will be required to complete an equipment order online for confirmation
  • Any groups between 25 – 35 students will need to be confirmed. The supervising teacher will be required to participate as an endorsed coach to help facilitate sessions. If a teacher is not participating, then a second coach will be required
    • State either the teacher participating or the second coach requirement in the additional information

Internal Delivery

How to request an internal program

  • Minimum of 4 sessions per group participating are required to be completed in the school funding term by a Softball Australia endorsed teacher
  • The program quote on the booking system is not set in stone. Depending on the type of Professional Development that teachers complete as well as equipment purchased this cost will vary
  • Each class over the initial group, as well as any teacher PD, will amount to $0.00 which will be amended in the booking system by Softball Australia
  • Equipment is a mandatory part of this delivery. If no equipment is purchased an administration fee will apply
  • Face-to-face coaching accreditation is subject to availability and location. If you are interested in this option please email Softball Australia’s Sporting Schools Coordinator

External Delivery

How to request an external program

  • Minimum of 4 sessions per group participating are required to be completed in the school funding term by a Softball Australia endorsed private provider, as well as the coach delivering sessions being endorsed as a softball coach. To confirm their endorsement email the Softball Australia Sporting Schools Coordinator for confirmation
  • Recommended Softball Australia cost per session is $88.00 (incl GST). This cost may differ depending on the provider. When discussing your program with your coaching provider, keep in mind the likelihood of additional expenses due to location or availability
  • If you have between 25-35 students, the supervising teacher must be endorsed to conduct Sporting Schools softball sessions at an additional fee of $27.50 (incl GST) for the online softball induction. If the teacher is unable to become endorsed as a coach, additional coaching expenses will be required
  • If your program is being delivered outside of the school grounds, you will be required to confirm all arrangements with your coaching provider and NSO

There are three ‘types of packages’ for the Term 1 2017 funding period.

  • Teacher Delivery
    • Only a teacher is able to deliver sessions to students
    • This assists schools with budget for equipment and an opportunity to upskill internal workforce
  • External Delivery
    • An NSO, SSO, Private Provider, Sole Trader; to deliver all sessions at the school or at an organised location
    • Skilled technical workforce to conduct softball to skill level of students for all ages
  • Combined Delivery
    • A minimum of 1 session to be conducted by a teacher
    • A minimum of 1 session to be conducted by an external coach
    • To be communicated – name of teacher conducting the sessions as well as the number of sessions conducted internally in the additional comments of your booking

For more details on bookings see below:

Teacher / Internal External Combined
Teacher as Coach
NSO / SSO coach
Private Provider / Sole trader
Sessions 4 +
Age Group 4 to 13
Number of Students per group participating: 10 to 30 10 to 25 10 to 30
Equipment: Mandatory. If no equipment purchased then a fee will apply. Not Required, however recommended. Not Required, however recommended.
Resources: Hard copy in premade Equipment Kits. Softball Batter Up (SBU) website resources a part of coaching endorsement.
Cost of Sessions: $150.00 incl. GST + Equipment purchased + Coaching Accreditation cost. $88.00 incl. GST recommended cost. Quote may vary on provider and circumstances. $0.00 for teacher delivered sessions – only cost of endorsement applies.

There are a range of softball kit options available to support your programs including a basic kit, regular kit and deluxe kit. These are detailed below (all prices inclusive of GST).

If you would like to order your equipment through Softball Australia, please click here. You are welcome to custom build your kit or purchase one of the kits listed above. Please ensure that you have your school purchase number available for invoicing.

Further questions regarding the equipment, please email Ben Utting, Softball Australia’s Sport Development Manager.

BASIC KIT – suitable for schools that want to run a softball program themselves or who have a low budget. Comes with basic equipment and Softball Batter Up Lesson Plans. Allows for two mini games.

REGULAR KIT – basic kit plus gloves. Comes with Softball Batter Up Lesson Plans. Allows for two mini games.

DELUXE KIT – includes 18 gloves and balls. Comes with Softball Batter Up Lesson Plans. Allows for two mini games.

COMPETITION KIT – same items to the regular kit however the bats and balls are ‘hard’ for senior grades to prepare for inter-school competition level play. The competition kit also includes catching gear and 4 helmets for game-play scenarios.

Basic Kit
Regular Kit
Deluxe Kit
Competition Kit
Kit Bag 1 1 2 1
Right Hand Throw Glove 0 8 14 8
Left Hand Throw Glove 0 2 4 2
Foam Balls 12 10 18 0
Foam Bats 2 2 2 0
Hard Balls 0 0 0 12
Hard Bats 0 0 0 2
Base Set of 5 2 2 2 2
Tee 2 2 2 2
Catching Gear 0 0 0 1
Helmet 0 0 0 4
SBU Resources 1 1 1 1


  • If you would like to order additional equipment or would like to amend anything in the current kits, include this request in the ‘Additional Information’ section for your booking request when selecting your package on the ASC System.
  • A ‘Protection Extension’ is available if you would like to purchase this as an extension of your package. Price on application. Includes: catching gear and 5 helmets.
  • PARTICIPANT PACK – an $80.00 pack is available per student; includes a glove, bat, and foam ball. If you are interested in this option or would like to upgrade to a senior participation pack, email Softball Australia’s Sporting Schools Coordinator via email.