Softball Victoria launches the Peta Edebone Cup

Softball Victoria launches the Peta Edebone Cup

Softball Victoria (SV) is pleased to announce that the Softball Victoria Women’s Invitational (SVWI) has been rebranded to the Peta Edebone Cup, celebrating recent Hall of Fame inductee Peta Edebone’s incredible contribution to Victorian softball.

Speaking on the event’s name change, Softball Victoria CEO Nick Frayne said he’s excited to have the tournament celebrate a champion athlete in Peta Edebone.

“The name change to reflect the contribution and impact that Peta has had on softball in Victoria will further embed this event in the Victorian softball community,” said Frayne.

“It gives all softball supporters, past, present and future the chance to engage with the sport and appreciate our history.”

“Not to mention celebrating the career of one of Victoria’s greatest ever female athletes.”

Ms Edebone said she was excited to have the event named in her honour.

“Having been recently inducted to the Softball Victoria Hall of Fame, to be recognised once again by my State is a great privilege,” said Ms Edebone.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the best female softballers test themselves in this elite level event.”

Frayne believes the event will follow on from the success of last year’s Women’s Invitational and generate even more growth and engagement from Victoria’s softball community.

“The inaugural Softball Victoria Women’s Invitational was a huge success, with online engagement going above and beyond anything Softball Victoria has been able to achieve in the past,” Frayne said.

“The live streaming which included expert commentary ensured an outstanding user experience for Victoria’s softball supporters who were able to tune in via SV’s Facebook page and watch every game live and without interruption.”

“The total combined reach of the live broadcast during the 2018 SVWI was just under 100,000, which is an incredible number considering that this was the inaugural season.”

“Add to this that each live streamed game had an average of 313 people tune in to watch specifically, it confirms that there is an interest in watching high quality softball in Victoria,” said Frayne.


The Peta Edebone Cup will be played at various venues across Melbourne in October, November and December 2019.

The fixture and franchise details will be released in the coming weeks.

For more information contact Softball Victoria CEO Nick Frayne at or call 0407 398 081