Softball Victoria joins One Softball

Softball Victoria joins One Softball

Softball Victoria will join One Softball after the Board of Directors signed off on the decision last week.

Softball Victoria is the second Member State to become part of One Softball joining Softball ACT which agreed to the single management model late last year.

Softball Victoria will now have direct access to commercial partners of Softball Australia (both current and potential), marketing, communications, governance, legal, finance and accounting resources, and membership development and participation resources.

Softball Victoria president Bron Parry said the Member State is pleased to be joining One Softball.

“We see this decision as crucial in growing the sport at not just a state level, but across the country,” said Parry.

“Like Softball ACT, we’re happy to be maintaining our identity, but gaining access to the shared services that will be provided by Softball Australia.

“Softball Australia’s appointment of our former Chief Executive Officer Nick Frayne to National Participation and Club Development Manager has already given us positive signs of growth within the sport.”

Frayne’s position is primarily responsible for the development and implementation of the new participation plan and strategies to achieve sustained membership and participation growth across softball in Australia.

He will manage a team responsible for the delivery of key recruitment and retention strategies across the country with the states in scope for One Softball.

Frayne will also be on hand to assist the State’s transition into the One Softball model.

Softball Australia Chief Executive Officer David Pryles said the addition of Softball Victoria is a great step forward for the new management model.

“We’re delighted Softball Victoria has elected to progress with the One Softball management model,” said Pryles.

“We look forward to growing the game together with their committed staff and Board, along with Softball ACT.

“This hopefully instils confidence amongst other Member States in the One Softball initiative.”

Under One Softball the sport will improve by;

  • Growing the sport and addressing the long-term membership challenge;
  • Ensuring long-term financial sustainability;
  • Ensuring a consistent and coordinated approach to the experience of everyone involved in softball;
  • Delivering improved services to Members, Clubs, Associations and the wider Softball community by building capability and capacity at all levels of the sport, and;
  • Increasing revenue through the pooling of all commercial assets from States and the National body resulting in increased attractiveness to commercial partners for marketing and brand building purposes.

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