Softball Training and Practice course completes Foundation Coaching

Softball Training and Practice course completes Foundation Coaching

Softball Australia’s Foundation Coaching is complete with the final course, Softball and Training Practice, now live to complete online.

The course covers the following areas:

  • Introduction – Review of Game Sense
  • Force Plays
  • Making Tag plays
  • Positional Plays
  • Offensive and Defensive strategies
  • Sliding
  • Assessing Skills
  • Basic Rules

The course introduces skills not yet covered in the Foundation Coaching program, then provides Game Sense examples for how to develop fun and engaging Training and Practice sessions.

Training and Practice is for those looking to improve the way they conduct training and practice sessions by providing more engaging activities that players will love as they learn.

The course is available to complete online now for a one-off cost of AU$45, visit to find all courses under the Foundation level.

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About the Foundation Coaching Program

Foundation Coaching has been developed with parents, teachers and Club and Association coaches in mind.

If a coach works their way through all the Foundation Coaching courses, they will have more than enough knowledge and newly acquired skills to coach anywhere at club or school level.

The courses provide knowledge and skill to develop players in a fun, safe and engaging way.

At the core of Foundation Coaching are two principles:

  • Game Sense

Game Sense is about using games to develop ‘thinking players’ who understand the use of skills in the context of games and learn how to make decisions that help their teams.

CHANGEIT embodies a flexible approach to coaching where coaches make decisions about what players need and if a game is not working as it should be, then ‘change it’ to suit.

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