Versions of Softball

Softball is fast paced bat and ball sport of skill, timing and power played between two teams over 7 innings. Each team alternates at bat and in the field. The fielding team tries to get the batting team out in each innings and to keep them from reaching the home plate to score a run. Once the fielding team dismisses the opposing team, it is their turn to bat.

Although Softball began as an indoor sport, it’s now generally played outdoors on a diamond shaped field made up of a home plate and 3 bases. While elite Softball requires international-standard facilities, social, community and junior Softball can easily utilise existing parks and fields, which makes the game accessible to everyone, and easy and affordable to set-up.

Softball requires minimal equipment – a bat and ball, as well as gloves for the each member of the fielding team. The batter and infielders should wear helmets and the catcher requires specialist protective gear.