Softball Community Coaching Program

Duration:                   2-2.5 hours
Target audience:      parents, teachers and beginner coaches
Face-to-face coach development

Softball Community Coaching Program

Whether you are new to the game, or are an experience coach, the Softball Community Coaching Program (SCCP) will be an invaluable resource.

SCCP provides coaches with the appropriate information and support to deliver programs by:

  • focusing on participation and engagement
  • engaging activities utilising the Game Sense approach
  • helping community coaches understand the basics of activity-based programs


What is Game Sense?

The Game Sense approach introduces the skills of softball in a games-based setting rather than the traditional drills method to develop the skills and tactics of the sport.

SCCP teaches coaches how to develop Game Sense sessions through:

  • planning
  • preparation
  • activity choice
  • coaching style
  • game management