Softball Batter Up Coaching Induction free for April

Softball Batter Up Coaching Induction free for April

Self-isolation under the current climate can be tough, and even more difficult for those with young families, however, it does present us an opportunity to regroup and get back to basics.

Community sport thrives on coaches that can facilitate grass roots activities and be active promoting our sport and the benefits of participation which are both physical and psychological.

Having enough coaches in the community at both clubs and schools is vital if we are to have capacity to grow membership. It is also vital that coaches know enough about what they are doing to provide a fun, engaging environment that keeps participants coming back and retaining members.

One of the biggest pain points we have is encouraging enough people to take on coaching and softball teaching roles. Novices to softball often lack the confidence to volunteer for a coaching role, so in a time where we are all locked down, why not take advantage of this online coaching offer from Softball Australia?

The Softball Batter Up Coaching Induction will introduce participants to softball coaching theory, teaching you about “GAME SENSE” and “CHANGEIT”, two principles that once learned will give you the confidence that you can run a fun engaging program for any level of player whether you’re involved with children or adult players.

The course introduces you to a host of resources that are available through the Softball Batter Up Website and will leave you understanding the game, how to plan sessions and where to go to find resources that will help you deliver a great program.

From now, until the end of April 2020, Softball Australia is offering the Softball Batter Up Coaching Induction course for FREE.

Not only will you get the Induction course at no cost, you’ll also have access to a full suite of drills simple enough to be completed at home in your own backyard.

To sign up for this limited time FREE offer, register now on the Softball Batter Up website:

Then once you’re logged in, sign up for the Softball Batter up Coaching Induction in the “My Courses” section of the website:

Offer ends 12:01am 1 May, 2020.

For more information, contact