Softball Australia to begin digital makeover with revolutioniseSPORT

Softball Australia to begin digital makeover with revolutioniseSPORT

After an extensive tender process Softball Australia, and all states & territories, Associations and Clubs, will migrate to revolutioniseSPORT by 30 June 2021 to manage all member registrations, communications as well as competition formats, along with an all-new website design.

revolutioniseSPORT is an award-winning cloud-based, whole-of-sport management platform utilised by more than 200 governing bodies and 14,000 grass roots clubs. It was built to streamline the administrative processes for grassroots administrators.

The Australian owned and operated company have been working with Softball Queensland for a number of years to manage their Master’s competitions. They are also utilised by Baseball SA and NT, Water Polo Australia, Table Tennis Australia, Diving Australia, Hockey Australia, Australian Sailing, Snow Australia and many others.

“We’re really excited about beginning to work with revolutioniseSPORT and their intuitive platform,” said David Pryles, Chief Executive Officer at Softball Australia.

“Part of the decision included ensuring our members, and potential members, find the new administration processes of the sport to be simple and streamlined.

“We are happy with revolutioniseSPORT’s system and trust our members will be able to navigate the new platform with relative ease. They pride themselves on having a direct relationship with every administrator- meaning Clubs and Associations can reach out to their support team directly to ensure their needs are met.”

The national database will ensure every organisation in the softball community is provided with a free revolutioniseSPORT portal, empowering that organisation to utilise features including:

  • online registrations and payments;
  • member statistics and communications;
  • competition management;
  • event registrations and management;
  • training sessions;
  • a free website & e-commerce platform;
  • governance tools including meeting management, tasks, incidents & injury reports

In addition to this, the platform allows for extensive data analysis on membership numbers and behaviours, which leads to informed decision making at all levels of the sport.

“It is fantastic having Softball Australia and their members putting their trust in revolutioniseSPORT,” said Nic Watkins, Chief Operating Officer at revolutioniseSPORT.

“We started this company to alleviate the administrative work faced by every grassroots administrator, so we know this will have huge benefits not just for the States, Territories and National body, but for the Clubs and Associations also.

“The majority of our staff have real experience volunteering for our own clubs, so we truly understand what it’s like to take registrations, manage competitions and deliver events.

“On top of this, we’ve been helping sports increase their capabilities when it comes to data management and analysis, digital transformation and strategic planning. It opens the doors to a lot of powerful opportunities for softball moving forward.”

Softball Australia will be working closely with the States and Territories to deliver training sessions to Club and Association administrators over the coming months to ensure everything is ready for registrations in the second half of the year.

Prior to 30 June, a number of early adopter organisations will use the new system and help to identify any unforeseen issues or challenges before the nationwide rollout.

A Frequently Asked Questions document is available for download here.

Any queries should be directed to