Level 1 Scoring

Basic Scoring for Beginning Scorers


Approximately 4 hours.

Target audience

Parents, teachers and other beginners with no or little prior scoring experience.


Level 1 Scoring is designed to introduce participants to the basics of scoring required for entry-level competition, including school and junior level softball. There are no prerequisites to complete the course. Candidates are required to achieve a 75% pass mark on the written exam. Candidates will also perform a practical simulation and assessors will review the performance and provide advice and assistance as required.

Topics covered

  • Duties of a Team Scorer
  • Equipment and Requirements
  • The Toss and the Innings
  • Explanation of the Scorebook
  • Scoring the Game
  • Moving a Runner Around the Diamond
  • Completion of an Inning
  • Changes
  • Protests
  • Result
  • Summary of Scoring Symbols


Scoring Softball Level One

Other information

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