Level 4 Scoring

Advanced Scoring and Statistics for State and National Championship Statisticians


Approximately 16 hours.

Target audience

State and national level scorers who have obtained Level 3 accreditation, and scored successfully at that level for at least twelve months.


Level 4 accreditation is a requirement for acting as an official statistician at Australian National Fastpitch Championships. The assessment includes scoring of two regulation 7 inning games, combined with compilation of all extensions and statistics. Examination games are assessed by the NSC marking sub-committee.

Topics covered

  • Duties of an official statistician
  • Softball rules exam for scorers
  • Rules review
  • Recent scoring changes
  • The official scoresheet
  • Extending a pre-scored game
  • Attending a national championships
  • Statistics and analysis
  • Batting and pitching charting


The Level 4 manual is currently undergoing revision and will be uploaded when available.