Softball Australia partners with gameSense Sports

Softball Australia partners with gameSense Sports

Softballers across the country are set to benefit from the latest in pitch recognition technology with Softball Australia partnering with gameSense Sports. 

Available as both a mobile app and online website, gameSense’s cutting-edge technology enables hitters to develop their reactive skills 500 times faster & more efficiently. The technology provides the ability to quickly and accurately identify pitch type, location and speed, running hitters through virtual variations of pitches to develop their recognition at Homeplate, making it a valuable tool for players of all skill level.

In five minutes a day, five days a week, users can see thousands of pitches from top-grade professional, college, and travel pitchers. Every pitch the hitter decides: dropball or curve? Ball or strike? Challenging a hitter’s pitch recognition by showing them less of the pitch.

“Our players currently use gameSense and it’s a great tool that provides ongoing training opportunities away from the diamond and we’ve seen great results,” said Travelodge Aussie Spirit High Performance Manager Simone Wearne.

“The app is simple to use and will ensure players are working on a crucial part of the game so we’re really happy to be officially welcoming gameSense into our High Performance program.”

As well as being a valuable training tool for elite level softballers, gameSense can also be used by amateurs and part-time ball players with its simple to use format not overwhelming for a club level participant.

As part of the partnership, gameSense is pleased to offer AUD$50 off their 12-month subscription price for all Softball Australia members. Details on the offer will be communicated directly to the membership.

Adding to the value of the product for Australian users will be the addition of some of the country’s best pitchers into their pitch recognition software, meaning users will be able to identify pitches from the likes of Kaia Parnaby, Ellen Roberts and Tarni Stepto.

“We’re excited to officially partner with Softball Australia and not only assist in their High Performance program, but offer an exclusive price on our product to members at the grass roots level,” said gameSense Chief Executive Officer, Tom Pardikes.

“The next year is going be huge for softball with its return to the Olympics and we look forward to helping out with the Travelodge Aussie Spirit’s preparations for Tokyo through gameSense.”

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