Softball Australia launches Community Umpiring Program

Softball Australia launches Community Umpiring Program

Softball Australia, in conjunction with the Softball Australia Umpires National Program are pleased to launch the Softball Australia Community Umpire Program, also known as the Coloured Shirt Program.

The Softball Australia Community Umpiring Program is an initiative that seeks to promote a basic, association or school-based training and development program for those who are new to the role of umpiring.

It provides the link to the current Softball Australia Level 1 Introduction to Umpiring Program and aims to teach the fundamentals of umpiring, enhance development and potentially identify candidates to facilitate the progression of umpiring development and accreditation.

Softball Australia has an established umpire development program to accredit umpires through on-diamond competence and rules knowledge to officiate at appropriate levels. Expected competencies increase in line with the standard of play, as does the required rule knowledge.

At the community level, various softball associations and groups (ie. schools) have a variety of programs in place that assist club volunteers to undertake their club allocated umpiring duties.

However, too often this translates to putting a keen individual out onto the diamond with limited support, perhaps under the tuition of a senior umpire, but often unassisted.

The purpose of this program is to create a framework that supports and develops volunteer and beginner umpires and to provide the tools to support them both on and off the diamond.

The program is contained within two manuals and has a three-pronged strategy:

  1. Inform beginner umpires about the basics needed to go out and umpire a game of softball
  2. Inform associations/schools about how best to protect and educate beginner umpires
  3. Outline the process toward Level 1 Umpire National Accreditation.

For more information about the Softball Australia Community Umpire Program, contact your relevant State Umpire Director or Softball Australia directly via email at

Softball Australia Community Umpiring Program Overview