Softball Australia introduces One Softball to grow membership

Softball Australia introduces One Softball to grow membership

Softball Australia is changing the way the sport is administered by shifting to a one management model, titled One Softball, in order to grow membership.

“Maintaining the status quo will not deliver the best outcomes for the sport and change is required,” said Softball Australia Chair, Peter Jon Hartshorne.

“It is the vision of Softball Australia to have a vibrant softball community with increasing participation in a professionally run sport where all participants and members have the opportunity to fulfil their aspirations.”

Hartshorne says One Softball’s overarching goal is to increase participation, which in turn will benefit the game from grassroots to the international stage.

“The Federated model is not addressing the drivers for change and the key strategic priorities for the sport.

“One Softball is about equipping Member States with the extra tools and shared services to allow more focus on increasing the growth of the game, from local weekend competition, all the way to world championship competition.”

Softball Australia Chief Executive Officer David Pryles says One Softball will enable the sport to grow membership by allocating resources more efficiently as well as introducing additional staff, specifically in the participation space.

“We need to ensure the long-term financial sustainability through economies of scale which will lead to the reinvestment of funds into participation activities and support that meet the needs of Association, Clubs and most importantly, Members,” said Pryles.

Some of the key areas the sport will see a concerted effort to improvement under One Softball include:

  • Growing the sport and addressing the long-term membership challenge;
  • Ensuring long-term financial sustainability;
  • Ensuring a consistent and coordinated approach to the experience of everyone involved in softball;
  • Delivering improved services to Members, Clubs, Associations and the wider Softball community by building capability and capacity at all levels of the sport, and;
  • Increasing revenue through the pooling of all commercial assets from States and the National body resulting in increased attractiveness to commercial partners for marketing and brand building purposes.

Softball Australia is pleased to announce work is well underway of a phased rollout of the new structure across various areas of the business.

“All decisions are made through each Board before we progress so Members can be sure their best interests are being considered,” added Pryles.

As States progress through the One Softball process, Members within each State will be given the opportunity to raise questions at appointed digital ‘Town Hall’ meetings via Zoom.

These details will be communicated with Members once finalised with State Boards.