Softball Australia inducts Life Member and Hall of Fame Members at Annual General Meeting

Softball Australia inducts Life Member and Hall of Fame Members at Annual General Meeting

Softball Australia has capped a successful 2015 with the induction of one Life Member and two Hall of Fame Members at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 11 October.In both categories, the awards and their recipients highlight years of commitment, dedication and service to the game, both on and off the field of play.

In making the Life Membership announcements, Softball Australia Chairman, John Hollingsworth, congratulated the recipients as he provided an overview of each person’s achievements and acknowledged that Life Membership is the highest honour bestowed on an individual member and represents their longstanding and valued service to softball in Australia.

Softball Australia is pleased to announce that Mike Hannelly (NSW) has been awarded Life Membership, and Leigh Evans (Vic) and Mike Titheradge (WA) on their Hall of Fame induction.

Mike Hannelly (NSW) – Life Member

hannellyMike Hannelly has made an outstanding contribution to softball in Australia as an administrator, a Level 5 umpire and statistician.

As the Softball Australia Chief Statistician from 2005 to 2013, Mike led the Scoring Committee that was responsible for the development of the statisticians’ accreditation pathway with the development of Levels 2 and 3, which received endorsement from the Australian Sports Commission within the National Officiating Accreditation Scheme.

Mike also established a Quality Review of National Championship Scoresheets to ensure that the statistical recording of national and international games played within Australian is of the highest standard. He also sought input from Australia’s Head Coaches on their requirements and team needs to be met by the statisticians appointed to their teams.

During Mike’s reign, the flow of statistical data improved in relation to Softball Australia’s national events with the delivery of information to the results section of the Softball Australia website.

In 2005, Mike was appointed Chief Statistician to the South Pacific in Samoa and ran scoring clinics on behalf of Oceania.  As a result of this work, Mike was invited to Beijing to train scorers for the 2006 Open Women’s World Championship, which was a Test event for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

In 2008, Mike received an invitation from the International Softball Federation to be the Beijing Olympic Games Tournament Chief Statistician.

In 2013, Mike stepped down As Softball Australia’s Chief Statistician but continues to serve as a member of the Scoring committee.

International Record

2009 Silver Jubilee Asean Games, Brunei
2008 Olympic Games, Beijing
2007 South Pacific Games, Samoa
2006 ISF Women’s World Championship, Beijing
2005 South Pacific Games
2001 ISF Junior Men’s World Championship, Sydney
2000 Olympic Games, Sydney

Major Appointments

2010 Technology training for statisticians, U19 Men’s National Championship
2009 Chief Statistician, U16 Men’s National Championship
2008 Official Statistician, National Championship
2007 Official Statistician, U19 Men’s National Championship
NSW Team Statistician, Open Men’s Team
2006 Tournament Chief Statistician, National League NSW Open Men’s Team Statistician
2005 NSW Team Statistician, U16 Women’s National Championship
2004 Official Statistician, U23 Men’s National Championship
2003 Official Statistician, U19 Men’s National Championship
2002 Official Statistician, U16 Men’s National Championship

Awards & Achievements

2008 Finalist, Softball Australia Statistician of the Year
2007 Softball Australia Statistician of the Year
Softball NSW Official of the Year
2000 Australian Sports Medal
1998 Life Member, Georges River Softball Association
1997 Life Member, Softball NSW Umpires Association

Leigh Evans (Vic) – Hall of Fame

evansLeigh has been a member of the Victorian Umpiring Committee since 1994, taking on allocation, training, state rules interpreter and assessment portfolios during this time.  He has been a member of the National Staff since 2002, and is currently Softball Australia’s Umpire-in-Chief, Technical.

He is also involved in administrative tasks with the International Softball Federation, including peer reading ISF 4-umpire system and ISF rules panel – reviewing the database and exam questions for the ISF exam and Ump School.  Leigh was a presenter at the 2011 ISF Certification clinic in Brisbane and has developed the pitching rule multimedia presentation and points of emphasis – used at state, national and international level.

Leigh is a highly respected umpire within Victoria and internationally.  He projects a highly professional image in his role as an umpire, ensuring each game is met with the same high level as ‘every game is somebody’s big game’.  Leigh is always willing to assist umpires in their development and understands that it is the player’s game.  Leigh is able to relate to umpires of all ages and levels, teaching skills to beginner umpires and assisting more senior umpires in the state to develop more complex skills including game management.  He is respected by umpires, coaches and players.

As Softball Australia’s Umpire-in-Chief, Technical, Leigh is heavily involved in working with players, coaches and various administrators at state and national level.  He is a highly approachable person and one who is always willing to assist the development and continuance of softball.  Leigh is readily available to provide feedback and help his fellow umpires achieve their umpiring goals.

International Record

2014 ISF Open Women’s World Championship
2013 ISF Open Men’s World Championship
Men’s Dean Schick Memorial New Zealand
2012 ISF Open Women’s International Series, Tournament Chief Umpire
2011 ISF Certification Clinic Presenter/Assessor
Open Men’s World Championship Qualifier
2009 ISF Open Men’s World Championship
2008 Open Men’s World Championship Qualifiers
2007 Canada Cup, Open Women
Men’s Pacific series
2006 Men’s Commonwealth Championship
2005 ISF Junior Men’s World Championship
2002 Japan Cup, Open Women

Major Appointments

2015 National Open Men’s Championships, including first base gold medal game
2014 Edebone Webber Shield NZ, National Open Women’s Championship including plate umpire for the gold medal game (inc Assessor)
2013 National Open Men’s Championship – including plate umpire for the gold medal game (inc Assessor)
2012 National Open Men’s and U19 Men’s National Championships (inc Assessor)
2011 National Open Men’s and U19 Men’s National Championships (inc Assessor)
2010 National Open Men’s Championship – including plate umpire for the gold medal game (inc Assessor)
2009 National Open Men’s and Women’s Championships, (inc Assessor)
2008 National Open Men’s Championship – including plate umpire for the gold medal game
2007 National Men’s Championship – including plate umpire for the gold medal game
2006 National Open Women’s, Open Men’s and U19 Men’s National Championships (inc assessor)
2005 National Women’s GP3 and Men’s Invitational, U19 Men’s Championship
U19 Men’s World Championship, including bronze medal plate umpire
2004 National Open Women’s and Open Men’s Championships
2003 National Open Men’s Championship
2002 National Open Men’s and Open Women Championships
Canada Cup Women’s Grand Final Umpire
2001 National U19 Men’s Championship
2000 National Open Men’s Championship

Awards & Achievements

  • Current Softball Australia Umpire-in-Chief, Technical
  • Member of the ISF Rules Committee
  • Author of the ISF Pitching Points of Emphasis video interpretation
  • 2004 Attaining ISF Accreditation
  • 2005 and 2008 Vivienne Triplett Umpire of the Year Award
  • Margo Koskelainen Victorian Umpire of the Year
  • ISF four umpire system peer reader

Mike Titheradge (WA) – Hall of Fame


2015 ISF Men’s World Championship, Canada
ISF Men’s World Championship New Zealand, bronze medal
2010 Tour of Argentina
2009 ISF Men’s World Championship, Canada, gold medal
2008 ISF Men’s World Championship Qualifier, New Zealand
2006 Commonwealth Championship, Melbourne
2005 Pacific International Series, New Zealand
2004 Vic Guth Memorial Tournament, New Zealand
ISF Men’s World Championship, New Zealand, bronze medal
Hawker International Tri-Series, ACT
2003 Tri-Series, NZ (Japan and New Zealand)
Dean Schick Memorial, New Zealand