Softball Australia appoints National Participation and Club Development Manager

Softball Australia appoints National Participation and Club Development Manager

Softball Australia is pleased to announce Nick Frayne has been appointed the position of National Participation and Club Development Manager, a crucial role in a new structure for the organisation.

The position is primarily responsible for the development and implementation of the new participation plan and strategies to achieve sustained membership and participation growth across softball in Australia.

He will manage a team responsible for the delivery of key recruitment and retention strategies across the country with the states in scope for One Softball.

Frayne will also be collaborating closely with volunteers to utilise the operational and technical resources required to deliver objectives associated with membership, club development, Sporting Schools program and participation.

“Nick was the outstanding candidate in what was a thorough three-step recruitment process,” said Softball Australia Chief Executive Officer, David Pryles.

“As well as Nick’s experience in Softball as CEO of Softball Victoria, he has worked in the participation space with Snow Australia, Sport Australia, Cricket Australia and the International Cricket Council.

“This is an exciting development for the sport across the country and we can’t wait to start seeing great initiatives emerging in the coming months.”

Frayne will transition from his current position as Softball Victoria CEO to the new role in the coming months, but will take on the Project Manager role of National Participation Plan immediately.

Softball Victoria will receive support from Frayne during a handover period for the state and provide a level of surety that they will still have high-level administration cover while the Board explores a potential move into One Softball.