Softball ACT first to officially join One Softball

Softball ACT first to officially join One Softball

Softball Australia is pleased to announce Softball ACT is the first state to officially join One Softball – a new operating model to better equip our sport and grow membership.

The announcement follows thorough due diligence by Softball ACT Chief Executive Officer Ben Kirk and the state’s Board of Directors who have agreed to begin operating under a shared services model with Softball Australia.

By agreeing to join the One Softball project, Softball ACT will have direct access to commercial partners of Softball Australia (both current and potential), marketing, communications, finance and accounting resources, and crucially, membership development and participation resources.

“We’re very pleased to join the One Softball project led by Softball Australia to improve the sport in the ACT,” said Softball ACT President Frank Curcio.

“After a thorough review of Softball Australia’s proposal, our Board is satisfied with how day-to-day operations would look under a shared services management model.

“Importantly to our current membership, Softball ACT will maintain its identity at both a State and Association level, and we’ll begin to have access to resources to better promote and grow the game.”

The sport will improve under One Softball by;

  • Growing the sport and addressing the long-term membership challenge;
  • Ensuring long-term financial sustainability;
  • Ensuring a consistent and coordinated approach to the experience of everyone involved in softball;
  • Delivering improved services to Members, Clubs, Associations and the wider Softball community by building capability and capacity at all levels of the sport, and;
  • Increasing revenue through the pooling of all commercial assets from States and the National body resulting in increased attractiveness to commercial partners for marketing and brand building purposes.

For more information on the One Softball project, visit

Softball ACT members will be invited to attend a virtual ‘Town Hall’ meeting via Zoom in January with Softball ACT CEO Ben Kirk, President Frank Curcio, Softball Australia CEO David Pryles and Chairperson Peter Hartshorne to raise any questions on the One Softball model.

Details will be communicated directly to Members in the New Year.