Social 7s and Fully Loaded Softball provide solutions for Associations

Social 7s and Fully Loaded Softball provide solutions for Associations

As local sport continues to return on different dates across the country, Softball Australia’s various programs and formats are the perfect solutions for a shortened season.

Softball Associations are likely to be affected by a busy community sporting schedule, particularly those participants who may find their usual winter sports running into the regular summer schedule.

Alternatively, Associations who usually run a winter competition are likely to face a shortened schedule before the warmer months roll around again.

It’s a great opportunity for Associations to take advantage of the Softball Australia programs and formats available to either conduct a condensed season or squeeze in some extra rounds as restrictions continue to lift.

The Fully Loaded Softball format lends itself perfectly to a season filled with time constraints while still allowing for the games exciting moments. With just three innings and bases loaded to begin each inning, an emphasis is placed on batters trying to beat the field to rack up runs at a frantic rate.

Games last generally 30-45 minutes which allows for round robin match-ups in the time it would take to complete a traditional game, perfect for completing tournaments over the course of a weekend.

More information on the Fully Loaded Softball format is available here.

At the other end of the scale is an option to focus on the social side of the game with an emphasis on getting the entire Association involved across age groups and skill levels.

Softball Australia’s modified version of the game, Social 7s, is slowpitch with a number of rules designed to enhance the social aspects and create a game that is fast, fun and easy to play.

Social 7s can provide the perfect opportunity for Clubs and Associations to gather in a social setting if they are unable to complete a full season.

For more information about Social 7s, watch the video below, or visit the Social 7s website at

Finally, a number of the softball community have already taken advantage of Softball Australia’s free Softball Batter Up courses on offer over the last two months, with a view to be prepared to run junior programs and capture members for life.

Currently, The Softball Fundamental Skills Course is still free for June and looks at basic softball skills and how to successfully coach them in a safe, fun and engaging way

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