revolutioniseSPORT Transition tracking well for Softball

revolutioniseSPORT Transition tracking well for Softball

Following the announcement that Softball Australia, and all Member States & Territories, Associations and Clubs, will migrate to revolutioniseSPORT by 30 June 2021, the committee behind the process are pleased to report the project is on track.

This is a significant change to the administration and promotion of the sport and Softball Australia are committed to bringing members from all levels of the game along the journey.

The new system will lead to a new way on how all members, Clubs and Associations administer softball in Australia, so it is crucial to communicate these changes to our Community.

Project Update

Over the last month, revolutioniseSPORT has conducted several online seminars with selected Club and Association administrators around what the platform can do.

Three winter associations will be the first to transition to the new system (these will be known as “Early Adopters”) and will fully embrace and use revolutioniseSPORT prior to the national rollout.

Importantly, both revolutioniseSPORT and Softball Australia, with the help of the early adopters, are quickly identifying challenges at the grassroots level and are establishing solutions prior to the system going live on 19 February.

Early adopters include Perth Softball, North Shore and Brisbane Softball. They will begin to register new members through revolutioniseSPORT shortly.

Other winter Associations will remain on the old system (SportsTG) until the 2022 season.

The process of creating the new websites, from the National and State level all the way to the Clubs, has also commenced.

Key Changes

In order to maximise the benefits from the transition to the new system some key decisions have been made that will impact us all:

  • Membership and insurance year changed to 1 July – 30 June;
  • New two month and temporary membership options are now available;
  • Every member will have a unique (and new) national member ID;
  • For a player to register they must as a minimum, pay the National and State fees (also known as capitation fees) ensuring members are committed to playing. A player will only pay these fees once per year if competing in multiple competitions;
  • Clubs and Associations are free to charge what they like on top of National and State fees of course, and if they decide that portion can be paid under payment plans. Allowing members credit is however not recommended as it leads to an increased administration workload, bad debts and cash flow challenges; and
  • All registrations must be completed online and the member must be present when this happens to ensure valid identification and agreement to terms.

The system will create change and it’s important for members to embrace the new system to continue to strengthen and grow our sport.

The system will enable Softball Australia and Member States to more efficiently track participation rates and to use that data to make informed decisions to improve the sport.

The online platform requires all Clubs to have an ABN so that they can maximise the fraud security, administration and member payment benefits the system offers.

An ABN is easy to obtain and having it is also mandatory for many of the grants that are available for clubs to apply for.

For more information on ABNs, please contact Doug Freeman via email at

Next Steps

Once early adopter Clubs are live Softball Australia and Member States will begin to request data from other Clubs and Associations to prepare their registration systems and new websites.

A prompt response to these requests would be very much appreciated.

Training for these Clubs and Associations will occur in April and May, well before the 30 June deadline.

Temporary resources are being employed to assist Associations and Clubs with the website changeover which will also commence in April.

It’s inevitable that you will have questions about this process and we will try to anticipate these as best we can. A Frequently Asked Questions document is available for download here.

Any unanswered queries though should be directed to