Reconciliation Day Carnival launched by Softball ACT

Reconciliation Day Carnival launched by Softball ACT

Softball ACT is proud to launch a new social carnival, based on the new Fully Loaded format

In the spirit of NAIDOC Week, the all new Reconciliation Day Carnival is a mixed, all ages, slow pitch style competition played over 21-22 September at the Hawker International Softball Centre.

Team entry is just $300 with games taking around an hour to play, the carnival is open to Softball ACT non-members.


Date: 21-22 September 2019

Location: Hawker International Softball Centre, Hawker

Times: Games from 9am AEST on both days

Team Makeup: No more than 3 males (14+) on the diamond at any time; only 3 hitting per innings

Cost: $300/team

To register a team, click here.

Click here for the Carnival Rules

Know how to play Slow-Pitch softball already? See HERE for the differences in how we play Fully Loaded Slowpitch Softball