Prepare for the sport’s return with Softball Batter Up

Prepare for the sport’s return with Softball Batter Up

Over the month of April, Softball Australia offered up the Softball Batter Up Introduction to Coaching Course free for budding facilitators.

After almost 200 applicants registered, Softball Australia is pleased to offer the Managing Games Course once again for free for the next two weeks.

From today until Wednesday 13 May, registered users will be able to access the AU$45 course free of charge and learn the following:

  • Your role as a coach
  • Planning for game day
  • Skills
  • Pitching and catching skills
  • Game strategies
  • Measuring progress of your players and self-reflection

The Managing Games course is a more in-depth look at the game strategies and things consider when running games at Clubs.

As part of the course there is also access to these free courses that will help round out participants knowledge and arm them with everything they need to know about managing games and how to behave as the coach of a team.

  1. Sport Australia Community Coaching General Principles
  2. Play by the Rules – Child Protection online course
  3. Play by the rules – Harassment and Discrimination online course
  4. Coaches Code of Conduct

Softball Fundamental Skills course will be the next online course to be released. Watch for our introductory offer on this course when it goes live.

The Softball Fundamental Skills looks at the basic skills of softball and offers insights into the best way to demonstrate and teach individual skills.

The course covers:

  • Introducing new skills
  • Providing demonstrations
  • Fielding
  • Explanation of fielding Positions
  • Throwing
  • Batting
  • Baserunning
  • Pitching and Catching
  • Softball Terminology

To register for the Managing Games Course, click here.

For more information, contact Ben Utting at