Player Profile – Taylah Tsitsikronis

Position: 1st Base, Catcher
Uniform Number: 65
Debut: 2014 World Championship
Cap Number: 270
Club Team: Penrith
Association Team: Penrith
State Team: NSW Firestars
Date of Birth: 3 July 1994
Height: 169cm

Taylah began playing softball at the age of six, at the Penrith Association in NSW.

Making her debut for NSW at the 2009 U16 Girls’ National Championship, she won a national title in her first year at that level. The following year, Taylah starred at the same event, winning the MVP award and a second national title.

In 2011, Taylah could have played at the U17 Girls’ Nationals, but made the decision to step up to the U19 Women’s Nationals. It proved to be a wise choice, in addition to winning a third national title, her performance at the event led to selection in the Australian U19 team for that year’s Junior Women’s World Championship.

Winning her fourth and fifth national titles at the 2012 and 2013 U19 Women’s Nationals, Taylah also made the step up to the NSW Firestars team for the 2013 Gilley’s Shield (Open Women’s National Championship), winning the Rookie of the Year award. Her stellar performance was rewarded when she was selected to represent Australia at a second Junior Women’s World Championship, where she was part of a bronze-medal winning team.

Since that time, Taylah has been a key member of the dominant NSW Firestars teams that from 2014 have claimed six Gilley’s Shield titles.

In 2014, Taylah made her debut for the senior Australian team at that year’s Women’s World Championship. She has since been a regular part of the Aussie Spirit team, playing at a further two senior World Championships. Taylah’s ability to play multiple positions in the field give the team great defensive flexibility and in recent years she has become one of the best and strongest batters in the line-up.

In 2016, Taylah played in the National Pro Fastpitch league for the Pennsylvania Rebellion team, following this up in 2017 playing for the Chicago Bandits and in 2018 and 2019 for the Australian team.


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World Championships:
2018: XVI Women’s Softball World Championship, Chiba, Japan
2016: XV Women’s Softball World Championship, Surrey, Canada
2014: XIV Women’s Softball World Championship, Haarlem, Netherlands (bronze medal)
2013: X Jnr Women’s Softball World Championship, Brampton, Canada (bronze medal)
2011: IX Jnr Women’s Softball World Championship, Cape Town, South Africa
National Awards:
2013: Rookie of the Year, Open Women’s National Softball Championship
2010: Most Valuable Player, U16 Girls’ National Softball Championship