Play ball!

Play ball!

The International Down Under Series kicks off today at 2.30pm when the Aussie Gold host the Japanese women’s national team.  The four-team round-robin tournament at Blacktown International Sportspark in NSW features four teams: Aussie Gold, Aussie Green, world number 1, Japan and New Zealand.  Australia and New Zealand resume the Trans-Tasman rivalry softball style at 5.00pm when the Aussie Gold take on the New Zealand White Sox.

The tournament marks the start of Australia’s preparation for Women’s World Softball Championship that will be played in Vancouver, Canada in July. Head Coach, Fabian Barlow, has 30 players in Blacktown to fill the rosters of the Green and Gold (click here for team line-ups). “The Australian squad is really excited about the opportunity to play two quality international teams like Japan and NZ. Players on all national teams here this weekend want to showcase their skills and talents to gain World Championship selection for Vancouver in July. That will bring out the best in all of the players and I’m sure provide some very competitive games and great individual performances”, said Barlow.

The Aussie women are competing for positions on the VIA Aussie Spirit team that will represent Australia at the World Championship.

Japan has been in Blacktown all week for their preseason training camp before the players join their teams in the Japan Women’s Softball League. Five of the Japanese players will return to Blacktown on 17 February for their team training camp with the Japan Toyota Red Terriers.

The New Zealand White Sox arrived at Blacktown yesterday to start their preparation for the tournament and World Championship.  This tournament concludes with the Final taking place at 1.30pm.


Live streaming

All games played at Diamond 1 will be streamed live on SAL Productions, Softball Australia’s Game YouTube Channel.


Purchase tickets

Tickets for the tournament are available on-line, attracting a 20% discount (click here) and at Blacktown International Sportspark.


Tournament schedule
Blacktown International Sportspark, 81 Eastern Road, Rooty Hill, NSW


Day 1 – Friday 5 February 2016

2.30pm                 Aussie Gold vs Japan (Diamond 1)
5.00pm                 Aussie Gold vs New Zealand (Diamond 1)
5.00pm                 Japan vs Aussie Green (Diamond 2)
7.30pm                 Opening Ceremony (Diamond 1)
8.00pm                 Aussie Green vs New Zealand (Diamond 1)


Day 2 – Saturday 6 February

11.30am               Aussie Green vs Aussie Gold (Diamond 1)
11.30am               New Zealand vs Japan (Diamond 2)
2.30pm                 Aussie Green vs Japan (Diamond 1)
5.00pm                 New Zealand vs Aussie Gold (Diamond 2)
6.00pm                 Curtain Raiser (Diamond 1)
7.30pm                 New Zealand vs Aussie Green (Diamond 2)
8.00pm                 Japan vs Aussie Gold (Diamond 1)


Day 3 – Sunday 7 February

11.00am               Japan vs New Zealand (Diamond 1)
11.00am               Aussie Gold vs Aussie Green (Diamond 2)
1.30pm                 Ladder Pos #3 vs Ladder Pos #4 (Diamond 2)
1.30pm                 Ladder Pos #1 vs Ladder Pos #2 (Diamond 1) – Championship Final
Closing Ceremony (Diamond 1)

For more information about the Event, click here.