Performance Talent Battery Coach – Level 4

Target audience:    state team coaches
Face-to-face coach development

Performance Talent Battery Coach provides coaches with the knowledge and skills to manage state teams’ battery programs and to help state level players develop more advanced pitching and catching skills. Focus is on optimising all aspects of preparation (physical, mental, technical, tactical, nutrition and recovery) through individualised programs maximising performance, peaking for national competition, and managing people and resources.

Participants must complete the following Modules.

Module – Softball Specific

  • Movement pitches
  • Off speed and change up
  • Correcting techniques
  • Pitching assets
  • Pitching drills
  • Options for catching signals
  • Framing the pitch
  • Throwing to the bases
  • Mental skills

 Module – Sport Australia Intermediate Coaching General Principles (purchase the Manual online)

Once completed, the Module Assessment Worksheets must be emailed to Chet Gray, Chief Operating Officer, Softball Australia for marking: