Participation providing a pathway to growth

Participation providing a pathway to growth

The Mackay Softball Association, affiliated with Softball Queensland, capped off an amazing year by being crowned Homeplate Ladder Association Champions for 2018/19.

The Association triumphed in first place nationally, achieving Homeplate status for the first time, amassing 140 points, including a 12% growth in membership.

Mackay achieved this through a commitment to supporting their members and also providing programs which give the Association the opportunity to increase their membership.

How did Mackay aim to increase their membership? 

Mackay Softball Association has focused on providing participation programs such as Softball Batter Up and Social 7s to give the Association the best chance of attracting members.

Mackay used the Softball Batter Up program as well as working in conjunction with local schools to attract younger members which helps to ensure the Association is sustainable.

The Social 7s program has been running for over four years and gives members the opportunity to play at times that fit in with their lifestyle.

“We have run a mid-week Social 7s competition annually since its inception with the aim of attracting new members,” said John Herekiuha, Vice President of Mackay Softball Association.

“We have aimed to improve the competition every year and the success is showing in the growth of numbers in the competition each year.”

Providing the best setting for its members

The Mackay Softball Association has also focused on providing members with a safe setting as well as having highly trained volunteers to make sure the Association runs smoothly.

Following consultation with members, they created a strategic plan which has provided direction and helped guide decisions. It has also allowed Mackay to see where it was situated and what needed to be done to help improve its offering. Two of the initiatives implemented are:

  • Game wise: This focuses on up-skilling our officials to help provide and maintain high standards, ensuring the best possible experience for our players.
  • Off the diamond: Ensuring Mackay adheres to all the legislative requirements of an Association and catering to the needs of its members and the local community.

The Association has also completed the Sport Australia Club Health Check, met all standards required of a softball affiliate as part of Softball Australia’s National Affiliation Standards annual checklist and made use of the Softball Australia’s Homeplate website to help investigate potential improvements for the future.

Congratulations once again to the Mackay Softball Association for becoming Homeplate Ladder association champions for 2018/19.

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