NSW too strong in the U19 Women’s National and U15 Regional Championships

NSW too strong in the U19 Women’s National and U15 Regional Championships

The final day of the Elinor McKenzie Shield was a thrilling day of softball. The first game of the day saw Queensland and Victoria fight it out for a place in the final. Victoria led 3-0 in the first four innings. In the bottom of the 4th inning Queensland were up to bat, with loaded bases Tamieka Whitefield hit a home run allowing Queensland to lead 4-3 from there Queensland surged ahead to take a 9-3 victory and a spot in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final was a repeat of the Gilley’s Shield – Queensland v NSW. Both teams came out fighting however NSW proved the better of the two teams with their accurate pitching and strong hitting. NSW continued to surge in the 4th inning to win 8-0.


Award Winners

Most Valuable Player Georgia Blair (Qld)
Best Pitcher Gabrielle Plain (NSW)
Best Batter Natasha Young (NSW)
Player of the Grand Final Montana Kearnes (NSW)


All Tournament Team

Pitcher Gabrielle Plain (NSW)
Catcher Amber Hood (SA)
1st Base Rachel Kraak (Qld)
2nd Base Dorinda Stone (Qld)
3rd Base Brianna Trim (NSW)
Shortstop Georgia Blair (Qld)
Outfield Tearnee Morrice (Qld)
Emily Read (NSW)
Rhiannon Kemp (Qld)
Designated Player Natasha Young (NSW)

U15 Regional Championship

The final day of the U15 Regional Championship started with Queensland Fire and NSW Metro Green fighting it out for a place in the final. NSW Metro Green was extremely dominant throughout the match proving too strong for Queensland Fire, who fought hard for the 7 inning however were unable to match the speed and accuracy of NSW Metro Green who won 6-0 securing their spot in the final to face fellow state competitors NSW Metro Orange.

The Grand Final saw NSW Metro Orange and NSW Metro Green vie for the U15 Regional Championship plaque. The first 2 innings saw some big hitters and accurate pitching from both teams but in the 4th inning, NSW Metro Orange broke away and going to win, 7-4.

A big thank-you to all volunteers, spectators, players, umpires, scorers and team managers for their efforts of the last week.