New Softball Batter Up website – coming soon!

New Softball Batter Up website – coming soon!

Softball Batter Up – the  program that makes playing, teaching and coaching softball easy

Softball Australia’s national participation program, Softball Batter Up, is the Softball Australia endorsed model for the Australian Sports Commission Sporting Schools Program.

It is designed to be a fun, flexible and engaging experience for children from kindergarten to Grade 6, participating in fun activities while learning basic throwing, catching and striking skills.

You don’t need to be an experienced softball player or coach to deliver a successful program, which can be adapted for all ages and abilities using the Game Sense and CHANGE IT approach.

Softball Batter Up activities align with the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum and are written with coaches and teachers in mind to allow for a program that is easy to follow and allows for modification through the excellent resources available.

The Softball Batter Up website features a host of resources:

  • Information on how to plan and conduct your Softball Batter Up sessions
  • A specifically developed session planner to design, plan and conduct your own sessions
  • Each activity includes a detailed explanation to conduct the activity, as well as video content to show a visual representation of the games
  • How to easily and quickly form groups and modify activities to participants skill level
  • Important safety considerations
  • A softball glossary explaining many softball terms
  • Pre-planned sessions for each learning band – F-2, 3-4, 5-6
  • Specific activity learning intentions & skill focus
  • Questions to encourage participant engagement

With more than 60 different softball activities and games on offer, you can design your own softball sessions, or even design your entire program allowing for repetition over time to maximise learning and development opportunities.

Softball Batter Up is a great way to introduce children to softball; and a great way for parents and teachers to become involved in their local softball community. These resources are ideal for teachers conducting Sporting Schools programs.

Softball Australia will be launching the new and improved Softball Batter Up website prior to Term 4 commencement in 2016.

If you have any questions regarding the Sporting Schools Softball Batter Up Program, please contact Softball Australia on (03) 9417 002 or visit the Softball Australia Sporting Schools website.




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