U16 Girls – Esther Deason Shield Winners

Championship winners

From 1970 to 2010, the Championship was played as an U16 Girls event. In 2011, with the introduction of the Australian U15 Regional Championship, the Esther Deason Shield transitioned to an U17 event. In 2020, the WBSC changed the age of the Junior Women’s World Cup from U19 to U18. This led to the Esther Deason Shield reverting back to its original age bracket as an U16 Championship.

Esther Deason Shield titles:
NSW: 26
Victoria: 13
Queensland: 9
ACT: 3

*Denotes those years that the Championship was played as an U17 event.

For Championships held from 2016 onwards, click on the link to view more information on that Championship.

1970 Victoria in Perth 1996 NSW in Adelaide
1971 NSW in Melbourne 1997 NSW in Perth
1972 Queensland in Sydney 1998 Victoria in Hobart
1973 Victoria in Adelaide 1999 NSW in Canberra
1974 Victoria in Perth 2000 NSW in Brisbane
1975 Victoria in Hobart 2001 Queensland in Melbourne
1976 ACT in Canberra 2002 Victoria in Hobart
1977 ACT in Brisbane 2003 NSW in Adelaide
1978 Victoria in Melbourne 2004 NSW in Perth
1979 Victoria in Sydney 2005 NSW in Sydney
1980 Queensland in Adelaide 2006 NSW in Canberra
1981 Queensland in Perth 2007 Queensland in Brisbane
1982 Victoria in Hobart 2008 NSW in Adelaide
1983 Victoria in Canberra 2009 NSW in Perth
1984 Victoria in Darwin 2010 NSW in Sydney
1985 NSW in Brisbane 2011* NSW in Melbourne (Played in April as Brisbane abandoned due to flooding)
1986 NSW in Melbourne 2012* NSW in Hobart
1987 Queensland in Sydney 2013* Queensland in Sydney
1988 Victoria in Adelaide 2014* NSW in Sydney
1989 NSW in Perth 2015* NSW in Canberra
1990 NSW in Melbourne 2016* NSW in Sydney
1991 Victoria in Hobart 2017* NSW in Sydney
1992 Queensland in Canberra 2018* NSW in Sydney
1993 ACT in Darwin 2019* NSW in Adelaide
1994 NSW in Brisbane 2020 Queensland in Melbourne
1995 NSW in Sydney 2021 Championship not played due to COVID-19