Application Process for National Championships

National Championships Application process

Each year National Championships are held around Australia in the following categories:

  • Under 17 Boys/Girls
  • Under 19 Men/Women
  • Under 23 Men/Women
  • Open Men/Women.

Each year, umpires level 4 and above can nominate their availability for consideration for national appointment via an availability form and return it, along with your umpire activity log, to your State Director of Umpiring.

This form must be completed if you wish to attend in the following roles:

  • Nationally accredited umpire (currently level 5 or higher)
  • Candidate (currently a level four or five)
  • Skill share
  • Liaison officer (see Other Links below for more information)

The National Championship appointments Version 2 for 2015 are available here:

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Application forms

There have been changes to the application form, so please refer to these instructions prior to completing it.

  • Electronic Application: Fill out the form electronically using Microsoft Word (preferred) or print and complete a paper copy.
  • Application Form for National Championships 2016 (86.5kB)
  • Please respond to each and every Selection Box or Preference. Select your response to each Selection Box or Preference by selecting the grey box with your mouse, if you wish to respond in the affirmative. Not selecting a grey box means a No or negative response. Sending of the Application Form via the umpire’s email will constitute signing the form by the umpire.
  • Save your file, with your name in the file name and forward it, along with any accompanying documentation, to your State Director of Umpiring.
  • Paper Form Application: Tick the grey boxes to indicate you want an affirmative response. Not selecting a grey box means a No or negative response.
  • Sign and send your form and any accompanying documentation to your State Director of Umpiring.
  • Development Plans: Level 5 and 6 Candidate Umpires will be required to complete a Development Plan to assist in their lead up to the practical examination in 2016. For further information, please review a SAL NUP Individual Goals Activity Plan (131kB).
  • Each umpire is also to complete an Emergency Contact Form (39.1kB)

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National Appointment Guide booklet

A booklet has been created to provide umpires with information on what to expect when attending an Australian National Championship

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Liaison Officers booklet

A booklet created to assist Liaison Officers appointed to Australian National Championships

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Umpire Activity Log

An electronic Umpire Activity Log has been developed and is available for immediate use. When applying for National appointments, submission of Umpire Activity Logs will only be accepted using this version. Any umpire who has been using their own Excel spreadsheet can, with a little knowledge and some care, copy and paste the relevant columns into the V2 model.


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