Modified Junior Games

Modified softball games are provided at the entry level and use equipment that better suits the size and ability of the participants. Rule variations are introduced to maximise participation and the emphasis is on providing a fun and engaging environment while learning the basic skills of the game.

There are many different modified games, the most popular ‘entry level’ game being Tee Ball where the ball is placed on a Tee for the batter to hit.

Schools, clubs and associations provide modified games as a progression to junior fastpitch softball. For example, the next step after Tee Ball may be a game called Coach Pitch which is where the skill of hitting a moving pitch is introduced. The local club or association will determine which games are most suited to their needs and the season/s played.

Softball Australia’s junior recruitment and retention program, Softball Batter Up, contains more than 100 different activities including more than 20 different modified games. For more information go to