Merchandise released for 2016 National Championships

Merchandise released for 2016 National Championships

Softball fans now have the chance to get their hands on some of the latest and greatest softball merchandise leading up to the 2016 National Softball Championships.

Brought to you by Greatrex, shoppers are able to choose from 18 different styles of merchandise, and now have more power than ever before, with the ability to change colours and customise their orders on selected items.

With most styles coming in at under $100, getting behind our nation and softball as a sport has never been so easy and affordable.

“It’s important we give our fans and followers a way to connect with our sport and our men and women who are out there representing our states and our country,” said Marketing Manager Jim Dorash.

“We are finding some of our best sellers are coming from the replica jerseys, hats, T-shirts and shorts, all of which come in differing prints and colours, or can be customised by the shopper to include things like surnames or nicknames” he added.

Merchandise can be purchased via the link below. All orders can be express shipped; however customised options may take longer.