Olympic reinstatement: what the Aussie Spirit players say

The Aussie Spirit players congratulate each other after the win over Serbia.

Olympic reinstatement: what the Aussie Spirit players say

JANICE-BLACKMANMembers of the Aussie Spirit team give their thoughts on the decision to reinstate softball as an Olympic Sport.

Janice Blackman

“It definitely adds motivation. Not that I need much, because I just love playing the game. But to be able to play the sport you love at the Olympics, that would be unexplainable. There are no words to describe how that would feel.”



 “It’s one step closer to my dream. I grew up wanting to have a chance to play at the Olympics, which is the pinnacle of our sport.

“Only a very small pool of athletes can say they are Olympians, and I want to be part of that group.”


Tara Speakman.

Tara Speakman

“It’s always been a dream to be in the Olympics as a player. So it would be the pinnacle for me personally to be there in 2020. And it would be massive for the sport as a whole.

“Currently I’m involved in a lot of junior softball, and I can see that unfortunately we are losing some players to other sports that have more to offer than we do. So the Olympics would bring a lot of life back into the sport.”


Clare Warwick, Spirit vice-captain.

Clare Warwick

“The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be my main aim. It would be any player’s main aim. It’s a definite goal.”


Sorensen Carmelle

Carmelle Sorensen

“I’ll definitely be trialling for Australia (Sorensen was born in New Zealand).  I’ll be pushing to play for Australia and be the catcher.”





Thras Erin_DonkinGookLogoErin Thras

“I’d love to be part of the Olympics, It’s every kid’s childhood dream.

“Previously I was just in that wrong age group. By the time I was old enough to play, softball was no longer in the Olympics, so I’ve never been part of that type of program.”


“I should graduate (from college in the USA) just before the 2020 Olympics. By then I’ll have had four years playing at a high level day in, day out. The Olympics are the pinnacle.

“It would be very exciting to be part of it. I plan to stay fit and healthy and give myself every chance of being there.”



Taylah TsitsikronisTsitsikronis Taylah

“Long term I would love to be a part of the team that goes to the Olympics. It has been a lifelong dream.”