Live streaming from Blacktown

Live streaming from Blacktown

The International Down Under Series starts today at Blacktown International Sportspark.  All games scheduled on Diamond 1 will be streamed live on Softball Australia’s YouTube game channel, SAL productions.  For more information click here and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @softballoz and join the conversation #summerofsoftball.


Day 1 – Friday 5 February 2016

2.30pm                 Aussie Gold vs Japan (Diamond 1)
5.00pm                 Aussie Gold vs New Zealand (Diamond 1)
5.00pm                 Japan vs Aussie Green (Diamond 2)
7.30pm                 Opening Ceremony (Diamond 1)
8.00pm                 Aussie Green vs New Zealand (Diamond 1)


Day 2 – Saturday 6 February

11.30am               Aussie Green vs Aussie Gold (Diamond 1)
11.30am               New Zealand vs Japan (Diamond 2)
2.30pm                 Aussie Green vs Japan (Diamond 1)
5.00pm                 New Zealand vs Aussie Gold (Diamond 2)
6.00pm                 Curtain Raiser (Diamond 1)
7.30pm                 New Zealand vs Aussie Green (Diamond 2)
8.00pm                 Japan vs Aussie Gold (Diamond 2)


Day 3 – Sunday 7 February

11.00am               Japan vs New Zealand (Diamond 1)
11.00am               Aussie Gold vs Aussie Green (Diamond 2)
1.30pm                 Ladder Pos #3 vs Ladder Pos #4 (Diamond 2)
1.30pm                 Ladder Pos #1 vs Ladder Pos #2 (Diamond 1) – Championship Final
Closing Ceremony (Diamond 1)