Lilydale Ejays: A family club is a happy club

Lilydale Ejays: A family club is a happy club

Congratulations to the Lilydale Ejays who achieved Homeplate Status in the 2018/19 Homeplate Ladder Program.

The club finished in 4th place on the Top 20 Clubs Ladder, earning an impressive 108 points. The Ejays achieved this through a focus on membership as well as ensuring the Club is run in an efficient and effective manner.


The Club retained an impressive 82% of members from the previous year and they credited this to being a family friendly Club.

“We are a very family orientated Club and encourage all family members to be involved. When we get new juniors, we encourage the parents to come and play too. We entered 3 Masters teams at Vic Masters this year,” said Club secretary Annette Logan.

“The Club successful retention of members was also due to contacting each of them close to the start of the new season.”

On top of retention, the club is also committed in growing its membership.

“As a Club one of our main priorities is to attract new members and to hold on to the ones we have. Our Club is always looking for new members of all ages and abilities. We work hard on recruiting by advertising through social media, schools and local shopping centres. We also encourage members to bring friends and family down to have a go.”

Recognising volunteers

The Club values the contribution of its volunteers and the time they dedicate in all aspects in running a successful Club. Recognising the achievements of members is another way the Ejays help to ensure their members are happy and feel valued.

“For instance, we have a team of dedicated volunteers that are continually helping our athletes reach their full potential through extra trainings and have done for over ten years,” added Annette.

“We provide a best Junior and Senior Club person Award each year to recognise the efforts of our volunteers.”

The Ejays also encourage members to further develop their skills and participate in training and professional development opportunities.

Annette explains, “We do encourage our members to become qualified, so they can be the best they can be and, so they are qualified to coach, score or umpire for Association and State teams. We are lucky to have some elite players and coaches to pass on their knowledge and expertise to help develop others.”

Improving Policies and Procedures

The Club is committed to improving their policies and procedures, in particular, their financial procedures.

“The Club appointed a new Treasurer two years ago and implemented strategies to encourage members to pay their fees on time or set up a payment plan, so they can pay their fees over the season if they need to.”

The Association is also developing a Child Protection and Discrimination policy to ensure the safety and well-being of their members.

Annette also credits the Homeplate website for the support it provides.

“We utilise the Homeplate website for guidance on setting policies. As volunteers its daunting knowing where to start, so the Homeplate website helps with pointing you in the right direction. There are lots of ideas available for recruitment, fundraising and managing volunteers.”

With the friendly and welcoming environment developed, effective strategies and improved policies and procedures, more success is predicted for the family Club this season.