Life Membership

Softball Australia Life Membership

Life Membership is the highest honour which can be bestowed by Softball Australia on a member. Since its inception in 1966, the following Life Memberships have been awarded.

2018  Ngaire Huston, Debbie Grove

2015  Michael Hannelly

2013  Mike McDermid, Harvey Milson, Tricia Sibraa

2010  Darryl Clout, Bob Harrow

2006  Bill Gobbart*

2004  Ken Culpitt

2002  Alan McAuliffe

2000  Shirley Schneider

1994  Pat Rawlings OAM*

1993  Margo Koskelainen OAM

1989  Rosemary Adey OAM*

1980  Pat Shearwood

1969  Edna Nash*

1968  Pat Young*

1967  Audrey McLaughlin AM

1966  Esther Deason MBE*, Merle Short*, Marjorie Dwyer*

* denotes deceased

The Life Memberships awarded to Esther Deason, Merle Short and Marjorie Dwyer feature on the video compilation of Celebrating 60 Years of National Championships.

Further information about the criteria and process for awarding Softball Australia Life Membership can be found in clause 5.4 of Softball Australia’s Constitution and the Awards and Recognition Policy and Procedures.