Komo to provide all-new engagement tool for Softball Australia

Komo to provide all-new engagement tool for Softball Australia

Softball Australia has partnered with Komo Digital to provide another level of engagement opportunity for their existing commercial partners and the wider softball community.

The Komo engagement platform, set for launch in September, allows for an online ecosystem where the softball community can engage with interactive, gamified content and competitions and allows for rewards and prizes.

Softball Australia’s new digital asset provides revenue opportunities and measurable commercial benefits like they have never had before.

“Partnering with Komo is a great step towards adding value to both our partners and the softball community,” said David Pryles, Chief Executive Officer at Softball Australia.

“The platform is a fantastic tool to not only provide those engaging promotions and games, but also gives us a one-stop-shop for the latest news and important announcements from states.

“It’s a mobile and user-friendly system and we’re really looking forward to sharing it in September.”

Komo organically broadens the community reach, enhances its capacity and creates tangible and measurable commercial benefits, while at the same time gathering rich data and non-intrusive market research.

“We are very excited to work with Softball Australia to help them grow their community and connect with them on a deeper level as they approach the busy 2020/2021 Summer period,” said Komo Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Joel Steel.

“This partnership is very special for both Komo and Softball Australia, as the technology will provide multiple layers of value whilst delivering a high level of brand engagement, data through business intelligence, market research and much more.”

Komo’s Software will be self-managed by Softball Australia, utilising the existing database and social media community to distribute the interactive and gamified content.

All the interactive content and games are highly shareable and with the added benefit of gamification and social competition, Softball Australia expect to significantly grow their social following and first party data for the duration of the 12 month agreement.