Kochi tour a chance to build Aussie Spirit depth

Kochi tour a chance to build Aussie Spirit depth

The Aussie Spirit will showcase their depth when they travel to Japan next month for a series of games against high-quality opposition.

With several regular Aussie Spirit players unavailable, this tour is an opportunity for some new faces to show what they can do against international competition and gain experience in Japanese conditions ahead of next year’s World Championship.

This team announced today is a mixture of Aussie Spirit players, Identified Pathway athletes and players who competed in the recent Junior World Championship.

Head Coach Fabian Barlow says the tour to the southern Japanese city of Kochi is an ideal way for the Spirit to add to their depth of talent. 

“Several Aussie Spirit players were unavailable, which has created great opportunities for other athletes to pit their skills against terrific competition,” Barlow said.

“We were always looking at introducing new players for this tour to build depth in all positions. This continues our plan for 2017, which was to play as many quality games as we can and build depth in all positions within our program.”

The Aussie Spirit will play 10 exhibition games from 27-31 October against Sonoda University, professional league team Iyo Bank and club team Hirabayashi. 

They will also have full access to the Kochi Prefectural Government-owned Haruno Sports Park located in Kochi City, which is run by the Japanese Men’s Head Coach Tomoaki Okamoto. This includes softball diamonds, indoor training facility, gym and recovery centre.

The Kochi Prefectural Government invited the Australian team  to their town and is contributing to the visit to help inspire their local youth to take up sports, softball especially.

The Aussie Spirit team for the Kochi City tour: 

Jess Bahn – Vic Montana Kearnes – NSW Ellen Roberts – NSW  Dorinda Stone – Qld
Maddie Cameron – SA Shannon Keevers – NSW Chelsea Robinson – SA Erin Thras – Qld
Amelia Cudicio – NSW Jordan Lambert – SA Carmelle Sorensen – Qld Taylah Tsitsikronis – NSW
Amber Johnson – WA Sam Poole – NSW Tara Speakman – Qld Tamieka Whitefield – Qld