High Performance Elite Battery Coach – Level 5

Duration:               16 hours
Target audience:  state and national coaches
Face-to-face coach performance development


High Performance Elite Battery Coach is designed to assist coaches to develop the competencies necessary to work with state senior and national junior (U19) level pitchers and catchers. Coaches develop expertise in program, resource and people management; advanced skill development and analysis, game strategies, basic anatomy biomechanics and physiology, and advanced planning and training methods.

To be eligible to complete High Performance Elite Battery Coach, participants must complete four modules of the Australian Sports Commissions Intermediate Coaching General Principles:

Module – Softball Specific

  • Advanced skill acquisition
  • Movement analysis
  • Developing movement

Module – Sport Australia Intermediate General Principles 

  • Module 8 – Intro to Physiology
  • Module 9 – Basic Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • Module 11 – Nutrition of Sport
  • Module 13 – Anti Doping for Sport

Sport Australia modules are available online.