As a team sport for all ages, cultures, gender and abilities, softball offers participants many benefits:

  • Shared enjoyment with friends and family
  • Improved health and fitness
  • Increased physical activity and mental alertness of belonging to a community with shared interests
  • Improved life skills, including quick thinking, loyalty, sense of responsibility, heightened concentration, judgment, discipline and teamwork
  • Opportunities to compete and represent their community, club, state, or Australia
  • Development of new skills, whether playing, coaching, scoring, umpiring or administration
  • Ability to accommodate female and male participants of all ages and skill levels
  • Affordability – players starting out do not have to make a big financial commitment
  • Fun!


While the many benefits of softball are as applicable to the Indigenous community as they are to the wider Australian community, other features of softball standout as being particularly beneficial to Indigenous participants including:

  • Fostering of community spirit and pride
  • Improved self-esteem and self-worth
  • Access to great role models, including Stacey Porter and Jeff Goolagong
  • Access to softball equipment, coaching, officiating and scoring accredited training, competitions, carnivals, skill development clinics and programs such as Softball Batter Up