Geelong Softball Association and Maitland City Softball Club top Homeplate ladders in 19/20

Geelong Softball Association and Maitland City Softball Club top Homeplate ladders in 19/20

Congratulations to Geelong Softball Association in VIC and Maitland City Softball Club in NSW for taking out top spot on the Homeplate Ladders for 2019/20. 

The Homeplate Ladder Program for 2019/20 has been run and won with Geelong Softball Association in Victoria and Maitland City Softball Club from Newcastle Softball Association in NSW crowned Homeplate Ladder Champions.

Now in its fourth year, the Homeplate Ladder is Softball Australia’s Club and Association recognition program established to recognise Clubs and Associations for implementing best practice governance, management as well as membership growth. This year, the program had an even bigger focus on increasing membership and participation, with clubs and associations receiving a points boost from 10 to 25 points for every National Participation Program delivered.

Although COVID-19 stopped many winter competitions and other programs and activities from commencing affecting the participation, growth and retention of players for many Clubs and Associations, nine Clubs and Associations still managed to achieve Homeplate status in 2019/20.

A further 13 Clubs and Associations reached ‘Going for Home’ and 47 Clubs and Associations made it to ‘On Base’.

Key highlights

Of the nine Clubs and Associations that achieved the ultimate recognition of Homeplate Status in 2019/20, the following outcomes have been determined:

  • 88% had significant growth in membership demonstrating successful recruitment strategies
  • 77% of the Clubs and Associations completed a National Affiliation Standards Checklist and demonstrated they are meeting the minimum operating standards expected of a softball affiliate.
  • 77% completed a Sport Australia Club Health Check in the past three years identifying areas of their operations that they can improve
  • 66% have a strategic or operational plan in place that they are working towards achieving their goals and objectives
  • 100% are registered to Softball Australia’s dedicated online club development resource ‘Homeplate’, accessing resources, tools and templates to help them with running and growing their Club or Association
  • 66% had members complete an accredited course in coaching, scoring or officiating, thus ensuring their volunteers had appropriate qualifications
  • 100% had their volunteers complete training courses to gain knowledge and skills required to effectively perform their roles and responsibilities

Congratulations to all Clubs and Associations for your achievements in 2019/20.

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Keep a look out for the launch of the 2020/21 Homeplate Ladder Program coming soon.

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