Flames still alive in Gilley’s Shield race

Flames still alive in Gilley’s Shield race

Host state the WA Flames have survived their sudden death matchup against the Victoria Titans to ensure their Gilley’s Shield campaign rolls on.

The Flames set the tone early with an out on the very first pitch of the game from Jordan Taylor two more outs followed to keep the Vics scoreless.

In reply, Titans pitcher Monica Perry kept the home team off the board, some tight fielding from both teams ensuring no runs were scored in the opening inning.

Marina Walker broke the deadlock in favour of the Titans after she scored off a Brianna Trim single at the top of the 2nd inning.

A Maddison Schofield double set the Flames up for a great scoring chance; McKenzie Giles-Martin was subbed in for Schofield and raced home as did Jemma Freegard to give the host state the lead 2-1.

Runs dried up in the next two innings with neither team able to add to their score, the Flames pulled away at the bottom of the 5th, a Verity Long-Droppert triple getting Leigh Godfrey around the diamond before crossing herself off a Schofield single.

Things only got tougher for the Titans after Sara Riou scored from a crafty Leah Parry bunt. The Victorians had a job ahead of them at the top of the 7th, four runs behind the Flames.

Rebecca Schaeffer ground out at first, Amelia Mercuri was struck-out by Taylor and Riou caught a fly ball off Trim’s bat to close out the game and ensure the Flames live to fight another day.

They won the sudden death final 5-1.

Tomorrow will see the SA Starz take on Flames at 2:30pm local time before the winner of that match meets the NSW Firestars in the grand final at 6:30pm.

WA V VIC Box Score

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