First ever Social 7s competition in WA a resounding success

First ever Social 7s competition in WA a resounding success

The Rockingham & Districts Softball Association in WA ran a Social 7s competition with 8 teams involved. The competition was played over four weeks on a Saturday evening, from 16 January to 6 February, with games at 6.00pm and 7.15pm each week.

Micheal Canning, President of the Rockingham & Districts Softball Association and Competition Coordinator for the Social 7s competition, shares his experience in organising and running the competition.

“Before our competition started in October, Geoff Shaw and I spoke about this new concept of Social 7s; we bounced a couple of ideas around together on how we could introduce it to Rockingham, and that it would be great to be the first association in WA to run this.

We floated it at a committee meeting and there was wide support that we should get it up and running. The reason Geoff and I were so interested in getting it going is it allowed us to introduce something different where we could have a mixed competition and families could play together.

We put it out to our members on our Facebook page and team app, we came up with the idea of having 8 teams which would be split into two divisions and the top two would go to the finals. We secured 7 teams before the closing nomination date and asked another club if they were interested to make up the 8th, that club will be putting two teams in next year. So we had our 8 teams and Geoff created a fixture which was given to each of them.

The final was between the Muppets and Steelers and eventually the Muppets won our sevens competition.

As organisers it was fairly easy to run and organise, a little difficult with players trying to understand the sevens rules but all in all it was very well received by players and spectators.

The sevens competition brought players into softball that had never played the game before, one team from another association and one team made up of friends from outside the area.

We secured sponsorship from Act Belong Commit and the council, and we decided to incorporate the Act Belong Commit message of being active and having fun, which creates healthy minds. We used the sponsorship money to purchase the tops for the competition for each of the teams who played.

I guess the best feedback I have received was the family interaction, mums playing the games with their sons which could not happen in any other format of softball. Also the interest for the next sevens competition I believe will double as the teams that did not play have put their names down to play in the next one we run.

I believe this will become an annual event on our events calendar and I look forward to seeing it grow throughout WA.

Once again thankyou Shane and Softball Australia for this great new way of playing social softball.”

Participant feedback from the competition was very positive. Comments included:

What was the best part about playing Social 7s?

  • Definitely the social part of it as anyone can play and it’s so much fun
  • Being able to have a laugh and fun with my team mates
  • Social fun night games
  • Atmosphere and mixed teams
  • The enjoyment and modified rules
  • Mixed gender, and it was so much fun. And fast.
  • Being able to play with my son

Which rule did you like best?

  • No matter how many outs everyone gets a bat and the tactics/strategies teams come up with in such a social game.
  • The scoring when each player advances a base
  • Not having to worry about stealing or tagging
  • Everyone bats each dig
  • Not having to tag up on a fly ball

Further comments:

  • Can’t wait for the next one.
  • Can’t wait for the next season, I only have a baseball background and have never played softball. Loved every minute of it.

For more information about Social 7s, visit the Social 7s website at