Day 2 Wrap – 2020 U14 Boys’ Regional Championship

Day 2 Wrap – 2020 U14 Boys’ Regional Championship

Softball NSW this week plays host to the 2020 U14 Boys’ Regional Softball Championship at Blacktown International Sportspark.

After Western Australia took out the Fully Loaded Softball format over the first two days of competition, the teams began the tournament under traditional format on Tuesday.

Please note, due to predicted weather, Thursday’s game times have been revised, schedule below

See the latest results from day two of the Regional Championship below.

Day 2 Results
Vic 18 d Qld Storm 9
WA 6 d Qld Thunder 3
NSW Metro Orange 6 d Vic 5
NSW Metro Green 10 d Qld Storm 4
SA 16 d Qld Thunder 9
NSW Country Gold 8 d WA 6
NSW Metro Green 11 d SA 4
NSW Metro Orange 8 d NSW Country Gold 3

Ladder after Day 2
1. NSW Metro Orange 6
2. NSW Metro Green 6
3. WA 6
4. Vic 4
5. SA 4
6. NSW Country Gold 2
7. Qld Thunder 2
8. Qld Storm 2

The U14 Boys’ will now compete for the Regional Championship for the remainder of the week under traditional softball rules.

Day 3 Schedule AEDT – Revised due to predicted weather
8:30am: SA v Vic
8:30am: Qld Storm v WA
8:30am: NSW Country Gold v Qld Thunder
10:30am: NSW Metro Orange v Qld Storm
12:30pm: NSW Metro Green v Qld Thunder
1:30pm: SA v NSW Country Gold
2:30pm: NSW Metro Green v NSW Metro Orange
3:30pm: Vic v WA

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