Daily Wrap, Day 6 – January 21, Redlands

Daily Wrap, Day 6 – January 21, Redlands

Under 19 Men – Day 6

Day 6 has seen the final of the round games being played before finals start.

New South Wales played their final two round games today, and finished the evening with their first final against Qld. First game defeating WA 3-1, and then in their second game they faced Vic. With little difficulty the New South Wales boys put on an impressive show of pitching and batting to come away with an 11-1 victory.

After losing to New South Wales in the morning WA played Qld in a thrilling two and a half hour match both teams battled the rising heat. Qld started their first innings strong with a massive hit from Joshua Harding getting three of his teammate’s home. WA responded in the bottom of the third innings with getting four runners across the plate due to some impressive batting. At the bottom of the sixth the score was 10-7 to WA. Qld did all they could however could only manage gain another two runs leaving WA the victors (10-9).

ACT faced the second placed Qld in the morning. While they played hard they were unable to defeat the hosts being hit with a 5-2 loss. ACT’s final round game against Vic also did not go there way, with a 6-2 win going the way of Vic. The win put Vic in 4th spot and booked themselves in with a repeat of the game that had just been played as ACT finished 3rd.

Final Ladder Positions

2 Qld
4 Vic
5 WA



NSW and Qld’s 4th game against each other this week came in the 1v2 final at 5pm. With runs drying up in comparison to the previous rounds games it was clear that teams had stepped it up for finals. With six scoreless innings for the match, the game was decided in the 3rd inning. Qld the first to score, before a quick NSW two run response on the back of a costly Qld error advancing the runners. Nsw go straight into tomorrow’s Grand Final with a 2-1 win.

In a complete reversal of the game that finished not but 3 hours prior, ACT, on the back of solid batting from 2nd baseman Matthew Harrow (3 RBIs), and pitching from Jeron Tan (11 SO’s), were able to win 7-2 over Vic and progress to Day 7.

Standout Individual Performances

Joshua Harding (Qld) was in fine form with 3 RBI’s from 2 hits and 3 AB’s unfortunately it wasn’t enough as his team went down to WA in a 10-9 loss.

Chris Gillies’ had an impressive 15 SO’s in his game against WA across 7 innings that he pitched against WA.


Game 26 NSW 3 dftd WA 1
Game 27 Qld 5 dftd ACT 2
Game 28 Vic 1 dftd by NSW 11
Game 29 WA 10 dftd Qld 9
Game 30 ACT 2 dftd by Vic 6
Game 31 NSW 2 dftd Qld 1 (1v2 Playoff)
Game 32 ACT 7 dftd Vic 2 (3v4 Playoff)

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