Daily Wrap, Day 4 – January 12, Hawker (OPEN MEN)

Daily Wrap, Day 4 – January 12, Hawker (OPEN MEN)

2017 Open Men John Reid Shield – Day 4

After 27 competition games of the 2017 Open Men John Reid Shield we’re still no clearer as to where teams will finish.  While the ACT has clearly clinched top spot, positions 2 to 5 are all up for grabs.  Each of the final 3 competition games remaining are critical to the final makeup of the top 4.  And the way results have gone so far anything could happen.

Day 4 started with WA challenging Victoria for 4th spot and challenge they did.  WA had a convincing 12 to nil victory and are currently ahead of Victoria on run differential.  For WA both Aaron Cockman and Brendon O’Brien hit home runs with 4 and 3 RBI’s respectively.  WA pitchers Steve Willis and Mathew Walker managed to keep the Victorian batsmen quiet.

The ACT were down 5 runs going into the 4th innings but fought back to edge out WA 9 runs to 7.  Queensland suffered a shock loss to South Australia, 3 runs to 2, in very hot conditions before backing up to upset NSW 5 runs to 1 in the final game of the night. NSW’s loss to Queensland followed from its hard fought win over WA in a tie breaker.

Victoria was the only team not to pick up a win on Day 4 and now sit in 5th position with a must win game to come against SA on Day 5.

Standout Individual Performances

WA’s Aaron Cockman followed up his home run and 4 RBI’s against Victoria in the early game with another home run and 3 RBI’s against the ACT.

ACT’s Andrew Kirkpatrick’s 2 home runs and 5 RBI’s against WA were a highlight in a tight 9-7 ball game. A homer in the 5th, followed up with another in the 6th put enough space between ACT and WA to brave the bottom of the 7th where WA threatened to close the gap.

Doing no harm to NSW’s attempt at another top 2 finish, James Darby (NSW) pitched a no hitter against South Australia, which included 12 SO’s. 


Game 20 Vic 0 dftd by WA 12
Game 21 Vic 0 dftd by ACT 4
Game 22 SA 0 dftd by NSW 11
Game 23 WA 7 dftd by ACT 9
Game 24 NSW 4 dftd WA 3
Game 25 SA 3 dftd Qld 2
Game 26 Qld 5 dftd NSW 1
Game 27 SA 3 dftd by ACT 10